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Our support services are designed to help you accomplish three goals: Learn the material as quickly as possible so you are marketable; Certify you so that you have the requirements to get into your new career and start Work in your field.

About Us

We built our reputation by providing training for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. This means we know what training these employers seek and which certifications are in greatest demand. We are committed to doing the most for our students and ensuring their success. We work closely with government agencies that administer the WIOA grant for unemployed and under-employed workers to help them get trained, certified, and placed in their field.


To get your foot in the door and succeed in a Cybersecurity career, you must learn the skills to prove your worth. We help you learn what you need in a matter of weeks, not years. The training is short-term and intense, so you can complete it sooner to start your career.


To be marketable in this field, you need to be certified. Many jobs have a legal requirement that you have one of the DOD 8570 certifications listed for that role. We want to make sure you can get certified in a timely manner: You can retake your classes for free. You get practice exams, which are online, so you can do them as many times as you like. We also offer exam crams to help make sure you are prepared.


At the end of the day, getting the job or promotion you want is what’s most important. In order to facilitate this and offer our clients the best opportunity to jump-start their careers, our career services department is here to assist with job placement. They help you with your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and how to get past the applicant tracking systems. Most importantly, they help you get your information in front of the hiring managers, which is half the battle. In Central Florida alone, over 3,000 employers currently use us for their training needs. Many of these companies also recruit from us. We get job leads from all over the country. Many of these positions can be worked remotely. Over half the jobs our clients have been placed in were not even advertised.

About me:

I have over 25 years’ experience in education, helping veterans and unemployed (and under-employed) people get trained and certified and helping them get placed in their field and achieve their goals. Let’s see what you qualify for!



Kyle Metzger

He was very communicative and took the time to sit with me and outline my goals and how the training material would carve out my career path. The instructors were top-notch and worked effortlessly to ensure that all students were up to speed on the material. It was noticeable that the instructors fully understood the material and were prepared for any and all questions that came their way.



Lisa Baresi-Smith

He was extremely helpful in guiding me into an appropriate program choice that matched my interests and the current job demands of our area. I would highly recommend them. I found it to have a really great atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and always helpful.

Karl Joseph

I would definitely recommend them. The way I was treated by staff along with the way the course was presented, left me extremely satisfied.



Ronni Jones

He was very instrumental in helping me determine my educational path. I gave him my list of career and training objectives. He charted my options and identified the advantages of each course available. He also explained the career potential for each class. His guidance contributed to my finding my new job. (Thank you! Thank you!)

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