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Income Share Agreements


Now there may be a better way to pay for your education.

Imagine if you never ever had to take out a student loan to pay for school? Suppose rather than borrowing a large amount of money at a certain interest rate, you simply promised to share a percent of your future income for a period of time to cover the price of your education? What happens if that same arrangement came with protections that stop your payments if something unexpected happens like losing your job or a sudden cut in income?

That’s the basic concept of Income Share Agreements, or ISAs. ISAs are developed to make certain students can get the education and skills they need without a dark cloud of financial obligation over them. ISAs make sure repayments costs are affordable by connecting repayment to employment outcomes. They shield students from when things go wrong, like not getting a job or losing their job. In other words, with an Income Share Agreement, if your education and learning does not pay off, you do not pay either.

No upfront costs and no interest

No money down and no up-front cost student financing
There is no interest rate, nor does interest rate accrue

Pay Nothing until you get a job

Your tuition is covered until you are able to pay us back
Pay nothing until you make it in your career in a job paying more than $xx (varies by program. Project Management, for instance is $40k per year).

No Risk

If you lose your job or do not earn above the Minimum Income Threshold, you do not make payments.
We are offering ISA’s to reflect confidence in our program’s outcomes. We tie our success to yours.

More Protection

You never pay more than the Payment Cap
If you do not earn the Minimum Income Threshold or above, your ISA will be forgiven after 5 years even though you paid nothing at all.

Why use an ISA?

An Income Share Agreement is an investment in your future   

Under an Income Share Agreement, students have more security.

Because future funding hinges on graduates securing a good job, we prioritize job placement assistance. This helps students to feel secure when they pick a program since they won’t have to pay until they get a job.

Schools that only use student loans have less incentive to help grads locate a good-paying job under typical student loans since they ahve already been paid by the lender.

We believe ISAs are a fantastic choice. If you’re seeking to start a new profession through an Income Share Agreement funded education program, give us a call at 813-387-3503 or make an appointment today!

Student Loan

  • Interest accumulates right away

  • Payments are often deferred, but you have to start paying it back after you complete your training, regardless of whether you get a job or not

  • If you lose your job, you still have to pay

  • If your income goes down, your payments stay the same

  • Your debt never goes away until you pay it off

  • The bank pays the school right away, so they are not as motivated to help you get a job

Income Share Agreements

  • There is no interest
  • You pay nothing until you get a job and are making at least the minimum threshold.

  • If you lose your job, you don’t make any payments until you are back at work

  • If your income goes down, your payment goes down

  • The Income Share Agreements expires after 5 years, so any outstanding debt is written off

  • We need you to be successful to get paid, so the school is highly motivated to make sure you get a job and do well.

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